Linda Israel - Arts Gallery

Linda Israel

Capturing the essence of life through the colorful innocence of animals is what brings Linda Israel such joy. It’s also what inspires her as an artist. Linda’s natural connection to the Earth is motivated by the beauty, and spark filled energy of being alive. “Animals are so in the moment, simple and direct. They are pure consciousness”. She paints the peaceful, unconditional and simple souls of animals in heart and uses art to reveal herself through animals, expressing the passion and energy of life. Using a pallet of vibrant colors, she approaches portraits like the subjects themselves — playfully uninhibited. Painting on a large canvas, the use of color, light and glazing of acrylic creates a deep connection to Self, recognizing the beauty of this Earth. Linda believes that through art, human growth can be expressed and seen. It is a unique visual language of the feelings of the world around us. She finds it no accident that animals are drawn to her.

Linda studied painting at the University of Colorado-Boulder before moving to New York to study interior design. She lives in Grand Lake, Colorado.

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