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Missy Borden

For Missy Borden, life kept relegating her artistic dreams to the back burner: a shattering car accident, escaping from alcohol and drugs, marriage and motherhood. “The way I parent is similar to the way I paint,” said the quiet, 28-year old. “I let everything happen and deal with the messes afterward.”

Running a household with a bevy of children, Borden may have given up on a formal art education, but not art. “Now that my youngest child is two, I’m beginning to explore what my life might look like if I became a full-time artist,” Borden said, sitting in her art studio on 13th Street.

Early teachers led her from realism to dabbling in abstract art. Her current paintings, with their expressive strokes, differ from landscape paintings known locally. “Her work has grown exponentially in six months. She’s gone from great to stellar.” says MB Warner, art teacher and mentor.

Keri Searls, one of Borden’s former teachers, encourages students to seek art opportunities outside of the Yampa Valley. An introvert, Borden is heartened by the advice. “I’m scared to open up to people…but I feel more ready now to say who I am,” Borden said. “I want to go to Denver, put out some portfolios, and get an exhibition.”

In the meantime, Borden’s work and life remain in flux. “The dishes overflow the sink and the laundry baskets fill to the brim before I race to get it all cleaned up and put away. I allow the paint to run down the canvas and the water get murky before it begs to be dumped and filled anew,” she writes in a journal that helps her put brush to canvas.

Borden’s work can be seen at the Center for Visual Arts, 837 Lincoln Avenue. Visit with the artist on First Friday Artwalk, February 3.

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