George Fargo - Arts Gallery

George Fargo

I have been creating photographic images for many years. In that time, my interests have evolved – with my location and the places I have traveled, with the people I have met, with technology evolution – from landscape to fashion, from portraits to nudes, from events to editorial. I love photographing people and creating story telling images.

Creating a photographic image is much more than capturing the photo. I consider pushing the shutter as a first step. To me, it is like gathering raw material to be used in images. Much of the work I am doing involves manipulating and compositing multiple photo captures into a stylized story-telling image.

My photographic art is available in a number of sizes from 12x16 to 24x36 and larger. The images can be purchase as prints, matted, framed, canvas and acrylic. For suggested pricing click here

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