Jennifer Lynn - Arts Gallery

Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer Lynn grew up in Havertown, PA near Philadelphia with exposure to the arts by way of inspiring teachers and meaningful trips to Philadelphia’s rich cultural institutions, especially Philadelphia Art Museum. Rough situations and experiences during youth and adolescence shaped a yearning to be heard and understood. Artistic expression, by way of music, dance and creating artwork helped along the way and continues to heal and diminish past negative patterns. “No matter what I do, the creation of art is always in my mind and heart. It is the way God works through me and what I am able to share with others.” Jennifer says.

In the last decade, Jennifer Lynn has lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where her artwork reflects the inspiring places, subjects, colors and patterns she comes across. Her creative education is in illustration and multimedia art direction with classes and workshops in painting technique. With that said, her work toggles from colored pencil works to oil paintings and back again with an occasional acrylic or gouache piece thrown in.

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