MB Warner - Arts Gallery

MB Warner

“I love to paint and I paint every day. I’ll paint just about anything including “The Kitchen Sink”.

AMERICANA is a collection of oil paintings large and small celebrating humble objects and ordinary scenes.

"We are surrounded by beauty every day without giving it a second glance. How the light falls on an object or casts a shadow on the pavement or the visual transformation on a rainy day - the intensity of colors on cloudy days. These experiences are what drive me to paint.” - MBW

MFA California State University, Long Beach, CA

BFA University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

“Let’s be sensible about this. I put a lot of things into my work which are very personal to me. So how can the public feel these things? I think most people get to my work through the back door. They’re attracted by the realism and they sense the emotion and the abstraction - and eventually, I hope, they get their own powerful emotion.” - Andrew Wyeth

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