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Rachel Hirning

I am a painter who trusts the magic of simple lines, shapes, and mark making to create beautiful works that ‘speak’ to each person individually, based on their own unique story. I love that my paintings aren’t static; they have an openness to them that allows meaning or subject matter to morph and change over time, much like human beings change over time. My work is fluid, and changes as you change.

I consistently draw on my experience as an art therapist to create spontaneous, authentic expressions that people respond to. I use pure layers of line, color and shape that arouse one’s core feelings. If you love spontaneity, authenticity, and being in the flow, then you will love my art. It is my hope the viewer has a transcendent reaction to the final piece; moved emotionally in some way or is reminded of something in their own life. If I can offer a bit of beauty & connection to the world – to the feelings, thoughts and ideas we all share collectively – then I have succeeded as an artist.

I graduated from Naropa University in 2005 with a dual Master’s degree, in both Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy. I have always been a lover of the arts and psychology, and feel blessed that my profession is a hybrid of the two. The word “creativity” is wide and expansive, and the metaphors inherent in the term can be applied to any person, anytime, in any stage of development. Simply stated, we are all creating our own lives, ‘one act at a time,’ much like a painting gets created, ‘one stroke at a time’. The metaphors in the word creativity, and the process of art making itself, ground the work I do. I am passionate about helping people discover and master their own creative spirit

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